The Immigration Assessment Project

A Project of the Humanitarian Outreach for Migrant Emotional Health (H.O.M.E.)

The Meeting Place for Mental Health Professionals and Immigration Attorneys

The Immigration Assessment Project of H.O.M.E. offers high quality pro bono and low bono mental health assessments to nonprofit and pro or low bono immigration attorneys who serve asylum seekers and similar humanitarian immigration clients.  To accomplish this, we 1) connect attorneys with licensed mental health professionals who are passionate about humanitarian immigration work and 2) provide support throughout the process.  This support includes individual coaching and document review for mental health professionals, as well as availability and resources to attorneys as needed.  Project services are available at no cost, and clients who cannot pay a low bono stipend for the assessment can receive this service pro bono. 

How The H.O.M.E. Immigration Assessment Project Works

Nonprofit and pro or low bono immigration attorneys with humanitarian cases may request assessments through a secure online referral form. 

Licensed mental health professionals with diagnostic experience and a passion for migrant human rights are encouraged to apply through our secure professional profile form.

For each referral, H.O.M.E. will seek an appropriate mental health evaluator from among our team of professionals, or if needed, an outside specialist or a licensee of another state.

Throughout the process, we remain available to both the attorney and the evaluator, and we offer a variety of services:

  • Readily available consultation
  • HIPAA compliant document transfer
  • Appropriate consent forms in English or Spanish
  • Standardized mental health assessments in English or Spanish
  • Individualized coaching for mental health professionals as requested
  • Document review and editing by an expert evaluator
  • Academic citations to strengthen documentation
  • Resources for attorneys 

This process is designed to strengthen cases, reduce attorney review time, and provide a high quality document. 

H.O.M.E. does not charge for services, and clients who are not able to pay a low bono stipend to the evaluator may request pro bono assessment.  

Beginning March, 2020, due to COVID precautions, interviews are remote (phone or  HIPAA compliant telehealth). 

Note to Mental Health Professionals 

Most referrals are for clients located in Texas or New Mexico but are occasionally in other states as well.  Licensees of any US state are welcome to contact H.O.M.E. about our work in the MPP asylum camps.  

Spanish or Indigenous language fluency is an asset, but interpreters are available. 

Most assessments are pro bono, though in some cases, a client or sponsor is able to pay the evaluator a low bono stipend.  Evaluators who apply to the project are not required to accept pro bono cases.